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Our Beautiful Samantha

      On April 16,1999, our beautiful daughter Samantha Margaret Spano was born.  The youngest of four, she has three older brothers, John, Christopher and Danny.  Her dad and I were “Over the moon” in love with this precious child.  Her beautiful blond hair and beautiful blue eyes immediately stole our hearts.  

      Samantha loved spending time with her family and loved all her cousins so much. She loved to have sleepovers at our house with her special friends.  If you were lucky enough to have Samantha as your friend, then you were one lucky individual.  She took her friendships very seriously and was a “good” friend.  She enjoyed overnight visits at her Auntie Kathe’s house.  She would sit by the window, trying to be patient, just waiting in complete excitement for her aunt to pull up.  She had such special times with her.  

      Samantha was very talented, and had a passion for art and music.  She would sit in her room for hours and draw and paint, while listening to her favorite music.  Samantha was a kind compassionate person, who looked out for everyone in her circle.  She would never hesitate to go to bat for anyone, even a stranger.  

      She was an absolute blessing in our lives. I am a better person because of her.  I have so many special mama and daughter memories, and memories as a family.  The purpose of this foundation is to keep alive, the memory of our beautiful daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, Goddaughter, cousin and friend.  We also want to educate and raise awareness.  

      Our Foundation is just beginning…. Great things to come.  We love you, our beautiful daughter. 




Mama and Dad

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